About us

Galerie Marchande de Mont Bouet Hassan Choucaire is a family-owned independant commercial center. It is located at the market zone of Mont Bouet, the biggest market of Libreville where almost half of the Gabonese population lives.

For a lot of analysts, Mont Bouet is the economical lung of Gabon. In fact, according to a study of the Financial Ministry, almost two millions American dollars are exchanged per day in money and merchandise in Mont Bouet.

33 stores, and three warehouses on three floors containing more than 200 commercial storage spaces constitute Galerie Marchande de Mont Bouet. One can find everything he needs at great prices.

*commercial storage spaces mean cubicle used as spaces for stocking merchandises by the merchants working in or around the market. But with the passing of time, these spaces became places of commercial transaction.

The commercial center is exploited under the way of lease given to merchants exercising on the big market of Mont Bouet. Moreover, the commercial center has advertising spaces that are rented for ads. Also, for the convenience of merchants and the users of the market, the commercial center has a public toilet.

Galerie Marchande de Mont Bouet prides itself on its well-earned reputation for providing a friendly, secure shopping environment within a very busy market and excellent value for money. A considerable level of security (guards, cameras...) makes it difficult for other markets in the region to compete. In fact, with the flux of persons circulating in and around the market, it was necessary to inssure the security of merchants and customers, which is why the commercial center has a system of supervision by video completed by an internal service of security. Its central location is just facing the police station, adding a sense of security.