Our Story

Hassan CHOUCAIRE (1951-2016)
Founder of Galerie Marchande de Mont Bouet

  • In the early 1920's, Lebanese Sadecc CHOUCAIRE arrived to Gabon. He was the first Lebanese with two other Lebanese families to ever step foot in Gabon.  There, he started his business in Nombakele and Leon-Mba. 
  • In 1951, his only son Hassan CHOUCAIRE was born in Libreville Gabon. 
  • During his teenager years, Hassan CHOUCAIRE who was pursuing his schooling in Lebanon droped out of school moved to Libreville Gabon and spent the remainder of his life there. 
  • In early 1970, Hassan CHOUCAIRE was a successful businessman, owner of different stores in different cities around libreville, selling mainly electrical appliances, musical instruments, movie/music tapes and home appliances , in addition to maintenance and after-sell services. 
  • In late 1970, Sadecc CHOUCAIRE becoming old and ill, left Gabon and moved to Lebanon and sold one of his stores to his son Hassan. 
  • In 1980, Sadecc CHOUCAIRE passed away. 
  • In 1990, Hassan CHOUCAIRE owner of different shops around Libreville, purchased more land around his shop in Mont Bouet and started the construction of the first ever commercial complex in all of Libreville and named it  "Galerie Marchande de Mont Bouet Hassan Choucaire". 
  • The inauguration took place in 1991. 
  • Few years later, Hassan CHOUCAIRE sold all his stores and his business and focused only on his commercial center,  thus transforming from businessman to landlored. 
  • Thus, by establishing in 1991 the first commercial complex of its kind in Mont Bouet and all Libreville, Hassan CHOUCAIRE became the father of commecial centers in Libreville. This economical model inspired the construction of other commercial centers growing around Libreville since then. 
  • Hassan CHOUCAIRE was also the first founder of advertising spaces for lease around Mont Bouet.
  • On the second of January 2016,  Hassan Choucaire caught a pulmonary infection and stayed one week at hospital in Lebanon.
  • Due to his heart problems, the infection progressed and Hassan Choucaire passed away at hospital in Beirut on the 9th of January 2016
  • Hassan Choucaire  passed away leaving the ownership of the commercial complex to his four children: Nadine Lama, Dayana, Linda and Sadecc CHOUCAIRE.
  • In 2017, a new logo for the Company was created. It reflects four C's interlocking, as a reference to the 4 CHOUCAIRE children of late Hassan CHOUCAIRE, who are his successors and new co-owners of the commercial center. 
  • The logo changed but the team, operation and functioning of the commercial complex remained the same.